Hi! My name is Maud, and I’m looking for a new challenge as a data scientist. I previously worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the field of experimental psychology, with a focus on mental well-being and decision-making.

I have always been a very curious person. This is what originally led me to science and is why I am passionate about travelling and exploring different cultures and cuisines. I particularly enjoy using data analysis, modelling and data visualization to translate complex questions into understandable insights. This is not only relevant in science, but also to help organisations make strategic decisions and address social challenges. Thanks to doing both work-related and personal projects, I am constantly developing my skills in statistical modelling, machine learning and deep learning techniques, natural language processing, and reproducible data visualization and reporting.


I have 10 years of experience in doing empirical research and applying different data analytical methods to answer questions related to mental well-being and stress regulation, as well as fundamental interactions between cognition and emotion. For example, by using empirical data, I investigated how individual differences in cognitive processes and biases in the way we process emotional information can predict changes in anxiety over time. Additionally, I am interested in how the experience of anxiety and depressive symptoms influences decision-making. Many of the decisions we make in daily life are influenced by the potential outcomes that are associated with different choice options. I investigated whether individual differences in the experience of anxiety and depressive symptoms influences how people use reward- and risk-related information to achieve desired outcomes.

To find out more about my research work, see my publications.